• 3rd August

    July Ecommerce News Roundup

    July, the month of we're coming home, we're coming back, we're really hot, we didn't mean it, we're really hot again and the following not-to-be-missed ecommerce news.  La-da-de la-DaWanda European marketplace DaWanda is closing its doors on 30 August, and Etsy is swooping in, with a shoulder to cry on and a room to move into. Etsy has created an import tool to make it easy for DaWander shopper

  • 4th July

    June Ecommerce News Roundup

    June - the month of sunshine, barbeques, aftersun, duvet-on-duvet-off, and the following not-to-be-missed ecommerce news. If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them Amazon is investing in entrepreneurs looking to grow their delivery business empire. Leased branded vans, uniform discounts, fuel and insurance are all part of the deal for a minimum investment of $10,000. With claims that successful delivery

  • 13th June

    Expandly Now Integrates With Wish.Com

    Breaking news from Expandly HQ - Our multichannel management software now integrates with mobile ecommerce platform wish.com - enabling ecommerce sellers across the globe to add yet another platform to their multichannel selling strategy. When You Wish Upon a Star Wish.com merchants can now manage their Wish inventory across 30+ sales channels (including eBay and Amazon) and Expandly customers

  • 4th June

    May Ecommerce News Roundup

    May, the month of royal weddings, sunshine, thunderstorms, a lot of emails and the following not-to-be-missed ecommerce news. Let's Get Physical Shopify announced plans to open a physical store later in the year. A hub for Shopify e-retailers to get support for their growing online businesses, this move follows the release of strong Q1 results, including a 68% increase in revenue. This wasn't t

  • 10th May

    The 2018 UK Ecommerce Industry Report

    The United Kingdom B2C Ecommerce 2018 Report has been published and provided us with some interesting insights into the UK ecommerce industry. This is a Man's World Just! 77% of UK men have made a purchase online, compared with 76% of women. Males are more concerned about price than women are (37.7% compared to 38.5%), whereas women care more about convenience (52.6% verses 42.8%). If your produ

  • 3rd May

    April Ecommerce News Roundup

    April, the month of showers, showers, showers, more showers and the following not-to-be-missed ecommerce news. Action That Google is attempting to take on ecommerce giant Amazon in its latest feature: Shopping Actions. Allowing retailers (currently only USA retailers) to list their products directly on Google search, Google Express and Google Assistant, shoppers will be able to find products and